A Child's Garden Montessori School

  • 28 Whittaker Drive
    Stonington, CT - 06378

  • (860) 572-1283

A Child's Garden Montessori School

A Child's Garden is a private, non-profit Montessori preschool, founded in 1983. It is a full day, full year facility to best meet the needs of our families. The School is governed by the Executive Director and a Board of Directors. The school is licensed by the State and is affiliated with the American Montessori Society.

At A Child's Garden each child grows intellectually, socially, and morally in an atmosphere of freedom and respect. Children are allowed to learn independently and without unnecessary interference. They become confident to try new things without fear of failure. Their natural curiosities are cultivated and their intellectual needs appropriately challenged. Each child is respected for their uniqueness and individuality.

The facility offers two classrooms downstairs with office space, a library and a large meeting area upstairs. The outside environment includes a beautiful playground with gardens and apple trees throughout it and is surrounded by a natural, wooded area. The playground equipment includes swings, slides, climbing structures, a bike path, and a large sandbox.

Montessori's educational approach has changed the learning process throughout the world. There are approximately 22,000 Montessori schools worldwide. Montessori schools teach children from as early has birth to 18 years old when children become adults.

There are different levels of Montessori development. The schools we list provide different levels and practices of the Montessori educational system/approach. Call the phone number listed for more information and/or to set up an appointment to visit the school.

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