Sundrops Montessori School

Sundrops Montessori School

Sundrops Montessori is a private Montessori school dedicated to following the principles presented by Dr. Maria Montessori in her lifetime of work as a child educator.   Dr. Montessori’s philosophy has had a profound influence on education over the past century and is implemented around the world proving to be effective across cultural boundaries and socioeconomic levels.  While no two Montessori schools are completely alike in their implementation they all emphasize a child’s natural desire to learn.

At Sundrops we strive to educate by nurturing the social, emotional and cognitive developmental needs for each child individually.   Our mission is to awaken your child’s natural desire to learn in an environment where trust, respect, responsibility, community and cooperation flourish. Our Montessori classrooms encompass developmentally appropriate materials and tools for each child to progress naturally at their own pace to realize their full potential.

Montessori's educational approach has changed the learning process throughout the world. There are approximately 22,000 Montessori schools worldwide. Montessori schools teach children from as early has birth to 18 years old when children become adults.

There are different levels of Montessori development. The schools we list provide different levels and practices of the Montessori educational system/approach. Call the phone number listed for more information and/or to set up an appointment to visit the school.

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